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me.mi jewellery is built on family values.

me.mi jewellery

Customer Spotlight

me.mi jewellery is built on family values.

The me.mi  team is a dedicated group of devotees who will do what they can to make every interaction with me.mi jewellery an intimate one. Aiming to always keep it personal, and real. And to really listen to the customers – to their stories, their suggestions, to whatever is significant to them, and to tell their story through innovation and cutting edge design.

Meet Bev Rosenberg Jayes, she shares her personal story behind her Hamsa Inside Story Necklace :


 Jewellery makes for a perfect gifting solution and me.mi loves how customers respond to their personalized pieces.

Bev Rosenberg Jayes about her Hamsa Inside story necklace she received as a gift:

"This piece is incredibly special to me as it was given to me by my lifelong friend Sharin on my 50th birthday. It is an absolute work of art, with a delicate pattern and a cut-out Hamsa on the front disc. It is engraved with a beautiful message which is 'hidden' behind the Hamsa. I get so many compliments wearing it. I wear it close to my heart and this piece is a constant reminder of my very special friendship with my childhood friend and my Jewish faith. I absolutely love my me.mi piece!"

Shop the Hamsa Inside story necklace, you can browse the full collection online at A percentage of the sales from this collection will go to the Rohan Bloom Foundation.