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WRANGLER – The Icons Collection

Every Icon has its origin story

Created for rodeo riders and ranch hands, Wrangler was adopted by rebels and rock stars and throughout its history, the authentic all-American denim icon has created an era-defining style.



The Jeans – 11 MWZ Men’s Western Zipper

Introducing the Men’s Western Zipper, the first-ever produced jeans from Wrangler. Known for its authentic western style with a counter-culture attitude. This is the archetypal jean. Wearable and flattering, it’s a retro-style that now feels completely modern.

The redesign of this slim straight classic brings back soft broken twill denim that gives you that worn-in feel from the very first moment you slip them on. The slightly higher waist, tobacco stitching, and classic blue Wrangler denim are just as they once were.

The Jacket – 124 Men’s Western Jacket

Created for rodeo riders and ranch hands, adopted by rebels and rock stars, the authentic 124 jacket is the definitive denim jacket. Inspired by youth and forever timeless in style, it’s the finer details that make these jackets iconic.

The remake is slightly slimmer for a modern take on the classic design.

The Shirt – 27 MW Men’s Western Shirt

This best-seller became an instant classic as soon as it was released in the mid-sixties.

The original inspiration lies in the western shirts from the 1940s, now perfectly reissued for the modern urban cowboy.

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