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In celebration of youth month, the timeless fashion brand; Samson South Africa, launched a ‘Pass the Baton’ campaign. The series began on June 16th 2021 and can be expected to continue through July.

‘Pass the Baton’ is aimed to empower the youth by urging industry leaders to pass on their expertise on how to push through and become successful in their respective fields. By giving  their insights to their mentees and aspiring youth.

The campaign was executed through a four-part series where three brilliant industry leaders: GreatJoy NdlovuSimphiwe Mtembu and Malose Pete shared their inspirational stories about their personal journeys of being fulltime artists in South Africa.

The artists could be seen in their natural environments, their art studios, passionately speaking about what inspires them and how they would in turn love to inspire not only their mentees but also the youth in their communities. The artists could be seen beautifully painting away at their canvases whilst vehemently painting the canvases of our minds.

The successful industry leaders also gave us some insight on how they guide their mentees towards a brighter future and their reasons for doing so. Through this, other aspiring youth were afforded the opportunity to access knowledge and insight directly from those industry leaders as well.

The campaign is of great importance for Samson South Africa because as a company operating in a country with such high (and still rising) numbers of unemployment, they feel it is their duty to equip the youth with as much access to empowering knowledge as possible. Samson will be collaborating with these mentors in order to give back to the community through a CSI campaign.

Samson South Africa truly made it possible to pass the baton.

About Samson:
Durability. Craftsmanship. Distinction. These principles are not achieved overnight. At 107 years old, Samson is an established brand whose clothing strength is interwoven with South Africa’s history and culture. The Samson blue overall was the iconic workwear for those who worked hard to overcome personal obstacles.

With the increasing hunger for authenticity among young South Africans, the brand has evolved over time and includes a core range of workwear-inspired apparel that has extended into major street fashion. The range includes boiler suits and shorts, carpenter style trousers, kitchen suits and dungarees with an authentic African aesthetic. For more information, please visit
and follow @samsonafrica