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The Craftsmanship Behind Pandora

Pandora is the number one jewellery brand in the world by volume. Known by more consumers and crafting more jewellery than any other brand, providing affordable luxury to customers in more than100 countries. In 2020, Pandora sold more than 85 million pieces of jewellery.

Pandora continues to take pride in its craftsmanship, creating on-trend pieces with intricate design details, but better yet, the Danish jewellery brand also believes in sustainability across the business, from how they craft jewellery to the workplace they offer employees. Reducing what we take from the planet while protecting the environment.

Design - Create new innovative product designs at affordable prices.

Sourcing - Suppliers must adhere to high social, environmental, and business ethics standards as Pandora is committed to using only recycled silver and gold in their products by 2025.

Crafting - Every piece of jewellery is hand-finished while providing safe and healthy working conditions for more than 11,000 craftspeople at their two modern crafting facilities in Thailand. Sourcing 100% renewable energy for the facilities, and we recycle more than 90% of all crafting waste.

Pandora announces the launch of their Brilliance Collection featuring lab-created diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds are identical to mined diamonds but grown in a laboratory rather than excavated from a mine. They have the same optical, chemical, thermal and physical characteristics and are graded by the same standards known as the 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat – before being set within the Pandora Brilliance collection.

Pandora Brilliance has achieved CarbonNeutral® product certification in accordance with The Carbon Neutral Protocol, a leading global framework for carbon neutrality. The certification covers Pandora Brilliance jewellery, it’s packaging and transportation. The lab-created diamonds in the collection have been grown with more than 60% renewable energy on average, and greenhouse gas emissions from non-renewable energy are being offset through the CarbonNeutral certification.

The new collection includes rings, bangles, necklaces, and earrings, each featuring a solitary lab-created diamond handset within sterling silver, solid 14K yellow gold, or solid 14K white gold. 

When Pandora launches the collection globally next year, the diamonds are expected to be made using 100% renewable energy.

Going forward, mined diamonds will no longer be used in Pandora’s products.

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