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Mindful Beauty – Le Naturel

Mindfulness And Awareness Towards The Environment and Skin

Le Naturel is a proud 100% natural, fynbos-inspired luxury beauty brand that strives to continually research trend patterns, collaboration, and ideas to provide recyclable, environmentally friendly products that are good for people and the earth.

Mindful beauty has evolved over time. In the beginning, it was about engaging your senses through the use of smell and natural ingredients, and through the application of products, it calms & recharges not just your skin, but also your mind and mood.

Le Naturel products are created to help rejuvenate and nurture the body, skin, and mind. The ingredients are not merely hand-selected for their health benefits, but to also create a product that is sensually and physically appealing. The fusions consist of ingredients that blend wonderfully together to create flavorful and mesmerizing aromas that only fynbos can produce.

However, Mindful Beauty has extended beyond just the consumer. It’s evolved to mindfulness and awareness towards the environment and placing more emphasis on the importance of sustainability and the reduction of carbon footprints.

Le Natural relates to the mindful beauty concept in terms of making use of ingredients that are not just natural but are from sustainable sources. By using wholesome, botanical, and natural ingredients. Le Natural aspires to complement a natural approach to health and beauty and strive to do business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural way.

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About Le Naturel:

Le Naturel is a local South African handcrafted luxury 100% natural beauty brand. Le Naturel is known for its unique product ranges featuring indigenous oils. The products are created to help rejuvenate and nurture the body, skin, and mind.