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Sought After

Smarten your skincare habits with Sought After and PMD

As a new venture, looking to provide unique, current and technology-driven products through inspiration and innovation, Sought After identified PMD to be a product that aligns with its mission. They went through a long and enduring journey which involved searching through a varying array of brands in the niche and prescribed markets.

Sought After are proponents of beauty inclusivity and believe in beauty products with a purpose, thus working with PMD which aligns with their mission.

PMD Beauty specializes in skincare devices that work seamlessly into any regimen and help create more youthful, toned, collagen-rich skin. All women and men deserve to feel confident in their skin and in who they are and PMD’s smart skincare tools enable individuals to glow from the inside out.

The technology has been subjected to extensive clinical trials, allowing the average individual to use the products utilised by skincare experts and professionals. With the build being so sleek and portable, the products can be used safely and effectively at home, at the gym or when travelling.

Below is information on the core products; PMD Clean and the Personal Microderm.

This smart facial cleansing device uses patented Sonicglow and active warmth technology with a skin cleansing device range which includes natural Gemstone collection technology to deeply remove the skin’s impurities by breaking down dirt and oil from within the pores. Not only does the PMD Clean ensure a deep cleanse, but it also provides a way to lift, firm and tone skin for a more youthful glow


This exfoliating device performs dermatologist-level microdermabrasion treatment at an affordable price. The Personal Microderm uses powerful vacuum suction combined with spinning aluminium oxide discs to minimise the appearance of fine lines, age spots, blemishes, sunspots and helps with hyperpigmentation and exfoliation removing dead and dull skin to reveal a more youthful glowing skin.