GlamPalm – Styling Magic in the Palm of your Hand.


South Africa May 2017- GlamPalm styling wands are the new contenders on the market and delivers absolute styling while respects the integrity of your hair and actually heals as it heats.

GlamPalm’s styling wands style with the patented Healing Stone Technology(TM) and use a unique, mineral-infused ceramic-coated surface which prevents any damage to your hair, instead actually healing it as it heats. In addition, with Healing Stone Technology(TM), there’s no need for those expensive extra heat-protector products to stop split ends and hair damage.

For centuries, the untapped power of the Healing Stone mineral ore whose natural purifying and healing properties have long been linked to longevity and vitality, was hidden deep in the mountains of South Korea.

Today, GlamPalm, the exclusive owner of the Healing Stone mines, infuses this mineral ore into its world-class Styling Wands for an exceptional therapeutic benefit. A proprietary plating process allows the wands to emit high levels of far infrared rays and anions – odourless, tasteless, invisible molecules – that help smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, minimizing damage to the hair’s keratin, producing smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair.

The stylers cushioning plates are so smooth hair glides through the straightening, waving or curling process with just a normal downward sweep – there’s definitely no tugging, pulling or snagging.

GlamPalm have thoughtfully included a handy extra-length 3m cord to the styler, which is attached to another unique feature, the 3D pivot swivel which rotates a full 360 degrees and means you can move around as you style and you won’t suffer from aching wrists.

And if the Styler’s breakthrough technology itself isn’t enough (the advanced ionic technology locks in moisture, making hair softer and glossier than ever before), there’s still more to rave about. Try the 11 different heat settings (which reach styling heat in just 5 seconds), the tilting cushions (more comfort and another defence against hair damage), rounded body for easy curls and waves and the sweat-absorbing grip.

Straightening, waving, curling – here’s your tool for absolute styling

Who is Glampalm?

Traditional hair styling is revolutionised by the arrival of the latest technology in professional flat irons. Created by the manufacturer of one of the world’s biggest brands, Glampalm, is currently the most advanced flat irons on the market. It is the only brand that promises virtually no damage to your natural hair.

Launched into the diverse South African market in 2012, Glampalm is fast becoming a favourite amongst consumers and hairstylists. The difference in these stylers is by far the unmatched technology. Women are lusting over the “magical transformation” of hair that Glampalm promises. Perhaps the most popular reason for Glampalm being in such demand is the promise of virtually NO DAMAGE. Glampalm stylers and curlers have a unique and patented secret in all their products called “Healing Stone” – This is the magical ingredient for unmatched performance.  @glampalm_africa